• Oma


    A short documentary about my lovely grandmother and her biggest hobby.

  • Angela’s Azalea

    Angela’s Azalea

    A short 2D animation story about a young woman and her beloved plant. This is some …

  • Happy Easter

    Happy Easter

    A little greeting for the holidays.

  • Motion Reel 2012

    Motion Reel 2012

    My motionreel for 2012, made of work from the last two years.

  • Gluttony Lane

    Gluttony Lane

    A fictional story of a haunted house, which was once the home to a horrible, unloving¬†family. …

  • 2012 Designer Survival Infographic

    2012 Designer Survival Infographic

    What if the world would end? What if there would occur a disaster? We designers need …

  • F=ma – What if the World Would Stop Spinning?

    F=ma – What if the World Would Stop Spinning?

    Our submission for the NTR Mediaprijs 2011. The assignment was to turn a physical,¬†scientific, biological or …

  • An Attic Adventure

    An Attic Adventure

    A cut-out animation story of a girl searching through her attic, discovering¬†an old photobook, containing memories …